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Le Pawtisserie is an exciting part of Pawfect Style Academy.  
Natural Canine Cookies
Developing our own wheat free treat range has been tough at times to produce a quality product that 'Does the Best Thing by Your Dog' at an affordable price.  Most Cookie/Cake type treat ranges available are wheat based which can lead to skin allergies and stomach upsets.  This enables the cookies/cakes to be offered at a much lower price - But at what cost?  Many skin reactions, in dogs, take place due to food intolerances and like humans, many dogs build up an intolerance to wheat over time.  With this often comes the itching, the scratching the red irritated skin, feet and ears. 

Le Pawtisserie offers Natural Wheat and Preservative Free Fresh Baked Canine Treats.

Individual Canine CookieAs an owner of Boxers for over two decades it has become evermore apparent that a treat for your dog that is not full of fat, colours, preservatives and wheat is almost impossible to buy off the shelf.  Lesley's eldest boxer, who passed away at eleven and a half in 2010, was the inspiration behind the Pawfect Style Academy's Canine Bakery.  Yes the cookies, pupcakes and special treats look like a treat that is fit for human consumption and look a little naughty but all recipes have been specially designed (with vet consultation)  to make sure not only do they look good but they really are good for your dog.  They are made wholly on brown rice flour and oat flour and baked on premise with only the freshest ingredients they do not contain chemicals, as some supermarket brands do, needed to keep a treat on the shelf for months on end. Individual cookies and cookie treat bags available daily in store.  Flavours Double Cheese & Parsley, Liver & Cheddar, Peanut and Honey, Carob Chip.

Le Pawtisserie  also offers Specialty Canine Cookies for Dog Birthdays, Weddings and Graduations.
Canine Birthday Cake
Many owners now treat their pet as a part of the family and it is no longer strange to hold a birthday party or Christmas for the family canine.  Our bakery is able to take orders to cater for events such as these with puppy cookie selection boxes for guests or a special birthday cookie for a canine birthday party.  Cake orders need to be made at least three days in advance and can be ordered as a small bone (4-6 servings) or large paw (8-10 servings)

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