About Pawfect Style Academy

Pawfect Style Academy is a first class Grooming Salon and Training Centre.  

Located at 90 Landershute Road, Palmwoods

Grooming takes place in the Salon under the hands of the coast’s first International Certified Master Groomer, Lesley Richards.  The Salon offers a small salon environment 
where all pups are catered for in a caring environment. Lesley specialises in taking Breed Trims and adapting them to yours and your pups lifestyle and home environment. 


Pawfect Style Academy offers a number of short courses to cater for those who are looking to groom as a profession, for business owners who would like to work on upskilling their staff, or those who would like to work in the industry as a Bather or Mobile Hydro-bath operator. 
Pawfect Style Academy believes in giving back and hopes to use the store and it’s motto,  ‘to do the best thing by your dog’, to branch out and help all dogs have a life where the best thing is done by them. 

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