What Does Your Grooming Service Offer?
All dogs receive a 6-point animal grooming check, which involves the groomer thoroughly going over your pet and checking:
- Eyes       - Ears       - Nails       - Skin & Coat        - Teeth/Breath       - Pads          
Clients receive a health report card if any of the above are found to be abnormal.
All dogs are bathed with their clip. There is NO clip only service.

We offer full clips, face/feet tail clips and bath/towel dry or bath/dry services.

Each service also includes nail clipping, ear cleaning (and plucking if requested)

and is completed with a spritz of cologne and ear or collar bows.  Pawfect Style Academy

considers Anal Gland Expressing a vet only job.  NO Sedation is used at Pawfect Style Academy.
Will my dog suit a Training Salon? 
All dogs booked in at Pawfect Style Academy will be assessed for temperament and sociability.  As we are a training salon those dogs who show excessive noise or aggression will not be allowed to continue as clients.  We respect that our business has neighboring properties and do our utmost to keep the salon calm and quiet as much as possible.
How long does my dog stay with you?
Our four legged clients are booked into one of 4 appointment times for the day  8.00, 9.00, 11 or 12.  This allows us to have the flexibility to work with the dogs at their pace and if needed get anxious, elderly, young or ill animals in and out in the best time frame for them.  As dogs are ready we have a text system in place to let owners know so they can go home as soon as they are groomed.
Do you toilet the dogs while they are in your care?
We request, for the happiness and comfort of your dog, that they be toileted before entering the salon.  However all dogs are taken for a potty break after their grooming is finished while they wait for mum or dad to pick them up.  Should your dog relieve itself on our house grounds – there is a poop a scoop, bags and bin at the front of the salon.  Please clean up after your pet and do the neighbourly thing……
Do you groom my breed of dog?
Some groomers specialize in certain breeds of dogs.  At Pawfect Style Academy we

have not groomed all breeds of dogs but we have a thorough understanding of all

ANKC recognized dog breeds and work with the owners to respect the dogs breed

and coat and to adapt this to suit the individual dog’s temperament and lifestyle.
How do you get him/her to just sit there?
Grooming should never be a horrible experience.  At Pawfect Style Academy we handle pets in a manner that creates a low stress environment.  We talk to them and treat them as if they were our own pets and with a manner that we would want our pets to be treated.  A low tone and stern ‘no’ is often all that is required to settle most dogs who are misbehaving.  A lot of tolerance and many years of experience working with dogs enables us to read their body language and respond appropriately.  We do not use sedatives.
Do you offer hand stripping or scissoring?
Hand strip breeds require regular maintenance and coat care.  Often, once owners understand the extra time and expense involved with hand stripping, or carding, they choose to use the more conventional grooming experience of clipping.  However Pawfect Style Academy currently has stripped terrier clients and information about this can be obtained by phoning Lesley at the salon.  We do offer hand scissoring and all our grooms are scissor finished.  If your dogs coat is to be kept longer than 1 ¼ inches please contact Lesley to discuss costs and maintenance requirements.
Salon Policies

FLEA Policy
All animals that arrive at the Salon with fleas will be bathed in flea wash. 

We aim to combat fleas in the most environmentally effective way through

a Neem Based Shampoo but if the flea infestation is too strong for this we

will need to use Fido’s Flea Shampoo.
All clips must be paid for before the dog is collected.
Payment for clips and grooming products may be made by

Appointment Cancelations or Changes are to be made at least

48 hrs in advance. If this is not done incentive cards will not be

signed for this appointment. Continual Cancelation of Grooming

appointments will find clients programs canceled.
No Sedation is used on animals for grooming, bathing or clipping.
Pawfect Style Academy has the right to refuse any dog who barks

excessively or shows aggression towards the groomer or other dogs.

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