The Salon

Pawfect Style Academy Salon offers a Holistic Approach to Grooming. 
After years of working in the grooming industry and completing her International Certified Master Groomer Certification Lesley began to ask herself the question “If I am soaking my hands in chemicals 10-12 times a day what will this lead to for me.” It also then had me wonder what this was doing to the dogs I groom.  It is for these reasons that the Pawfect Style Academy grooming spa offers a number of options to clients for bathing and grooming procedures.  We still offer the normal vet shampoos, Malaseb, Fidos Flea Wash etc but within the spa we bath our dogs with a more natural approach with the use of Progroom Natural Sulphate free, Smiley Dog Natural shampoos and conditioners and Neem Shampoos for fleas and instead of medicated shampoos where possible.  All our regular Shampoos and Conditioners are Sulphate and Artificial Fragrance Free allowing the most natural wash for your dog.
With Qualified, Professional Grooming Staff, Pawfect Style Academy offers Specialty Breed Clips, Hand Stripping and Scissor Finishes along with your basic Teddy Clip or Strip Off.  Pawfect Style Academy can offer you the breed clip that should be created on your dog or we can adapt it to suit the lifestyle, coat condition and temperament of your dog.  

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What Equipment do we use?
Only quality grooming equipment is used.  Hydraulic lift tables are used so groomers are not having to lift dogs and elderly larger dogs can step onto the table with ease.  Wahl  clippers and blades are used and a variety of Japanese and German Shears are used for scissor finishing to allow for that ‘professional look.’ Dogs are now clipped with the aid of a Romaine Clipper Vac System which allows for less pressure on dogs skin and joints enabling a less stressful groom for older dogs and dogs with joint and skin problems and also allowing the comfort of always knowing blades will be cool to groom with. 
Bathing takes place in a professional hydro bath and all dogs are assessed, in temperament and coat condition, as to whether they receive a warm hydro bath treatment or a warm massage hand wash.  Only quality preservative and sulphate free shampoos and conditioners are used and, once again, these are chosen to suit the dogs coat type and condition. 
Dogs are kept in individual crates for safety and hygiene but our up to date crate systems enable us to create a larger area for large dogs or families.  Dogs from the same family are crated together to avoid separation anxiety.
The salon is an open plan salon so clients can see what takes place and the groomers can see all dogs at all times.  This not only allows the groomer to interact with the dogs while they are in their care but allows the dogs to see other dogs being groomed – great for those dogs who are a little ‘grooming shy’.